VALLA online tool

The VALLA online course tool enables course developers to define learning experiences where competence is acquired, such as short courses, workshops, work placements, field trips etc., in terms of learning outcomes and competences, in accordance with European principles, in a user-friendly methodology.

The tool was developed based on existing European Best Practice and is intended to take you through all the steps needed to describe courses and course units in terms of Learning Outcomes, following Best Practice methods. If you follow the instructions carefully, and read the background information and help guidelines, you will be able to define (or redefine) your courses in a format that should be suitable for submission to an awarding body in order to receive appropriate recognition and potentially accreditation.

The VALLA online tool has been developed to complement the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the Bologna Declaration requirements. One of the main features of the Bologna Declaration (signed by 46 European countries to create the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)) is the need to improve traditional ways of describing qualifications and qualification structures. In consequence, all programmes and courses of studies throughout the European Higher Education Area should be described in terms of “Learning Outcomes”. “Learning Outcomes” are statements of what a learner is expected to know, understand and/or be able to demonstrate after completion of a process of learning.

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